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Multitel SMX250 spiderlift



2015 SMX250 For sale

Working height 25M

Working outreach 11.8M

The Multitel SMX 250 has been used for tree work almost since its inception in 2010.  It offers several quite unique features that make this an ideal tool for tree surgeons and those involved in arboriculture.

Weighs only 2770 kg

Most significantly is the fact that this is a platform that offers 25m of working height but weighs only 2770 kg.  This is at least 500 kg less than the 25 m platforms offered by other competitors.

Due to its light weight and low centre of gravity transporting the SMX 250 in a trailer is a synch, notably keeping the towed unit well below the 3500 kg legal limit.  Good tracking and climbing capability means traversing uneven ground is easier.

The SMX 250 is extremely compact.

It offers 25 m of working height but can also be folded up to pass through an opening of 1 m wide and 2 m high.  The cage is removed to achieve this.  Cage removal is an easy task; taking just a few minutes.

The SMX offers an exceptional outreach for a platform on such a small base.  It has two outrigger jack positions, standard and narrow, but unlike other machines the Multitel SMX 250 offers a full 360 degree working envelope in this outrigger configuration.

The engine

Powered by a Kubota diesel engine and 240 v electric motor the Multitel SMX 250 offers a power combination that makes it the perfect tool to achieve both outdoor and indoor access at height.  The SMX 250 also comes as standard with non-marking tracks.

The geometry

The geometry of the SMX and MX Multitel platforms make them ideal for “up and over” type work.  The lower telescopic boom gives an almost vertical movement up or down a tree or a building.  A feature appreciated equally by window cleaners and tree surgeons alike.

The cage rotation of 90 degree each way means it is easy to enter into a tree canopy with the cage end on, thus presenting a smaller profile into the working area.

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